Meet Jennifer Haines

Playful Paws Services was started by Jennifer Haines, an animal lover who wants to provide professional but caring pet concierge and sitting services in Airdrie and surrounding areas.  A pet lover and savant at heart, Jennifer wants nothing more than to make sure that the little ball of fur or large ball of fur in your family is loved, looked after and happy while you are away - just like they would be with you. 

Playful Paws Services is for home owners who work long hours, unable to pop into your home during the day, going on vacation or will be on extended leave, Jen is here for you!  For pet owners who just need small services for their pets, such as; pet grooming appointment or a play-date, and you are at work, she would be more than happy to do it for you.  A special part of this is that Jen would like to get to know your pets.  She will go into your home so your pet will feel comfortable and provide walks, play time, love, socialization with other animals and humans and much more. As your pet service professionals, Jen will ensure the safety and well-being of your pet and are dedicated to providing the most loving, positive experience for you and your pet.

Playful Paws Services wants to make sure
that your pet is safe, happy and protected.

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